Euonymus alatus

Now that autumn is here we (at least in the cooler areas) should be revelling in the autumn coloured foliage, but have you noticed that so many of the best known plants of this season tend to be large trees and wouldn’t it be nice to have some of this largess at a lower level.

Well one of my favourite shrubs for autumn colour is the Cork Winged Spindle berry from Asia. It grows to about 2metres each way and its leaves turn outrageous pink before they shed and even then the show isn’t over as its bare winter stems exhibit wings of corky bark to keep us entertained until spring.

Give it a sunny well drained site and even in areas with little cold weather there is a good chance to revel in its autumnal beauty. If you want to go right over the top then surround it with bright pink Nerine bowdenii and wait for the gasps! I have lovely plants in 8″ pots at $29.50.Euonymus alatus

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