Euonymus europeus

The European Spindle berry, so called because its hard wood was used to make spindles for spinning wheels and it apparently was also used for rolling pins as well, how useful!

It is however for its hardiness and ornamental values that I plant and recommend this small tree.

It is a deciduous plant to 4metres or so and can be kept as a shrub or pruned up to a small tree depending on the needs of the site you plant it in. The canopy is light and airy making it an ideal plant to under plant all your favourite woodlanders or to take the punch out of the afternoon sun on the sunny side of the house.Euonymus europaeusIt will grow well in sun or semi-shade in almost any well drained soil.

The foliage can and usually does turn lovely colours in autumn but the main game is the berries. They are 4 valved pink confections which as they mature split open to expose orange seeds. Large branches can be picked and used for long lasting indoor decoration.

I have well grown plants in 7″ pots at $22.50.

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