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    Posted on March 22, 2017 by in Collector Plants, drought tolerant, evergreen, Foliage plants, Good Pot Plant, Ground cover, shade tolerant

    Euonymus fortunei from Asia is a remarkably hardy and incredibly diverse species including trailing ground covers, climbers and even quite large shrubs.

    In the case of variety radicans it is a bit of a trailing ground cover that will also climb up any suitable surface and in both instances it is a light open plant that will allow bulbs or any other plant to grow though it, unfortunately weeds included!

    Its evergreen foliage is deep green and narrow with a central white stripe making it a subtly attractive plant in the ground or a pot.

    It is drought tolerant as well as happy in sun or shade and I have found it highly useful in many applications around my garden as I am sure you will.

    I have well grown plants in 15cm. pots for $18.50.

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