Ferula linkii

This amazing perennial comes from the Canary Islands and is one of the tallest of the Genus that in flower can reach 3 to 4metres tall. Its foliage comes up in winter and looks like Fennel on steroides and in fact they are commonly called Giant Fennel and where the botanical name comes from. The flower stems erupt in spring and can almost be seen growing before your eyes! I love see through plants like this as they can be in the front of a border so as to stop the Greengrocers shelving look that often happens in a border. I also like perennials that come up in winter as so many others are dormant. A sunny well drained site is all you need although rich soil will make it even taller! Will lightly self seed and the extras are always welcome however if you wish to shift them do it whilst they are small. To start you off I have plants in 6″ pots at $16.50

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