Fessia grielhuberi

Until just a few moments ago when I was about to blog this plant I would have done so under the name Scilla greilhuberi but such is the flux in plant nomenclature that it doesn’t pay to assume anything!

What ever this rarely grown Iranian Blue Bells botanical name is it is a great garden plant. I have it in dry deciduous shade under a Chinese Elm where it has clumped up well and is even lightly self seeding.

It grows to about 20cms. tall and each bulb usually produces two flower stems in succession which gives it a long season in the garden. The flowers are a lovely sky blue with reflexed petals that give it an elegant look and although its long leaves make it look a bit scruffy in a pot they lie flat and out of the way in the garden.

I have 5″ pots available with several bulbs in each for $18.50 so start a clump today!Scilla greilhuberi

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