Fothergilla ‘Mt. Airy’

This has to be one of my favourite small shrubs for a cool spot with acid soil. It is a hybrid between the two species of the Genus although it is often listed as a form of F. major. It grows slowly to a metre or more and in spring is a mass of fluffy white flowers, which would be enough reason to grow it. However come autumn its foliage turns brilliantly and it is one of the best plants to give autumn colour at eye level and below as if you think about it most well known plants grown for this display tend to be largish trees. I have lovely specimens in 8″ pots at $38.50 and you could do worst than buy one for a tub if you don’t have anywhere in the ground that is suitable. If it is in fairly heavy shade the colour in autumn will be brilliant yellow and with more light it can turn firery red.

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