• Gingko biloba ‘Saratoga’

    Posted on April 25, 2015 by in autumn colour, Collector Plants, conifer, Deciduous, Foliage plants, Good Pot Plant, Trees

    We all know about the Maiden Hair tree, the Wollemi Pine of its time. Known only from fossils in coal and found throughout the world imagine the amazement when the real thing was found in China.

    What is often not known is that the Gingko is a conifer relative even though it hardly looks like one and that since its introduction quite a few seedling selections have been made and named. Perhaps the same thing will happen with the Wollemi  once it has been around for a hundred years or so!

    This selection of Gingko has long weeping leaf lobes that give a distinct look, it still goes bright gold in Autumn and it makes a fairly compact pyramidal small to medium tree in time. Ideal in fact for the smaller garden although I have to say that even a normal seedling may still be smallish till after we are dead!

    I have lovely young plants in 25cm. pots at $55.50 just turning yellow so why not get one and if you still think your garden is to small or full it will grow happily and more slowly in a tub for years.Gingko biloba 'Saratoga'

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