Griselinia scandens

I first saw this South American arching shrub at the Mt. Tomah Botanic gardens and immediately knew I had to have it. It has elegant long arching branches clothed with stemless glossy apple-green leaves and in winter it produces open clusters of tiny chocolate flowers. It is however its habit and leaves that it should be grown for. It will usually get to 1.5metres tall and far wider, will grow well in shade where its glossy leaves really stand out and will grow well in comparatively dry soil. The branches will root down on the tips if it hits the ground so freebies are an option!

This Genus is better known for its New Zealand species but this great shrub should be planted far more than it is, and I have lovely ones in 8″ pots at $32.50. Having seen it growing in quite difficult conditions in the wilds of Chile in the winter of 2012 I am even more enamoured with it.

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