Halimium ocymoides

This may or may not stay as a Halimium as I have heard that it may be dumped into Cistus which does seem logical. What ever it is it is a great evergreen  (or perhaps evergrey) ground cover shrub for a sunny well drained site.

It will grow to about 60cms. tall by up to 2metres across and will make a great ground cover. It will cope happily with 40c. and drought as well as winter cold so most of us should be able to grow it. It comes from the Iberian peninsular so it is little wonder that it is so hardy.

The leaves are furry and grey with wavy edges and come spring it will cover itself with single yellow rose like flowers with brown basal blotches to the petals. A truly arresting site in full bloom.

A light trimming after flowering is about all the maintenance it will require so why not plant one. I have good plants at the moment in 15cm. pots at $18.50Halimium lasianthum

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