Hamamelis intermedia ‘Pallida’

This amazing Genus of deciduous and mainly winter flowering shrubs are a joy in any sheltered garden in the cooler climates.

I have a specimen of ‘Pallida’ in my nursery display garden that was planted in 1986 and it is now about 4metres tall and with its spreading horizontal branches at least 6metres across. I removed lower branches over a period of time and it now shelters all sorts of woodland goodies under its canopy.

As the picture shows it has narrow wavy petalled flowers and these festoon the plant in late winter. What the picture can’t convey is the sweet perfume it exudes. I spring its large hazel nut like leaves are telling and in autumn they turn a lovely bright gold.

This plant is usually hard to get but at the moment I have well grown ones in 25cm. pots for $75.50 so don’t miss out.

Hamamelis Pallida
Hamamelis Pallida

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