Helwingia chinensis

this plant isn’t going to set the world on fire but I think it is an interesting and worthy addition to the garden for the following reasons.

Most importantly I imported it!!!! But seriously it is an interesting evergreen shrub to 2 to 3metres with handsome evergreen leaves on a shrub with a tiered branch arrangement that I always thing looks classy. It will grow well in shade so can be used to hide the paling fence or any other eyesore you may have under trees or on the south side.

Its new foliage is slightly ruby coloured giving it a bit of a lift but surely its biggest claim to fame and then oddest thing about it is the facts that its clusters of tiny green flowers sit in the middle of the leaves as the flower stems are fused to the leaf surface. so to any inquisitive mind it will illicit questions.

It grows in a wide range of climates and is certainly frost tolerant and would also make a good tub specimen on a shaded veranda.

I have 15cm. pots at $19.50 as well as a few large plants for the truly impatient at $65.00IMG_3115


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