Humulus lupulus ‘Aureus’

The Golden Hop has to be one of the most useful climbers I grow. Its lovely leaves are attractive from spring till autumn and it will quickly soften or disguise any garden eyesore. Because it is herbaceous it won’t smother host trees or shrubs and if it is grown over a pergola it will be well into summer before it casts a lot of shade which makes it a great passive solar plant.Deciduous vines burst out into full leaf early in spring and they also have a lot of bare stems in situ throughout the winter that will cast some shade when you don’t want it our subject is just pruned off at ground level each autumn, so no dead looking stuff is left behind. You may even get some hops to make your own beer!

The accompanying photo is of one growing through a Miscanthus grass that I spay painted the dead winter stems bright yellow and I have to say that I think it was an inspired idea.

One point of warning however. Hops have a thrusting network of underground stems so some control needs to be instigated each winter to keep it in check. Naturally when you do dig up unwanted suckers you also get free plants to use elsewhere or to share with unsuspecting friends.

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