Hydrangea scandens ssp. liukiuensis

One hell of a name for a small deciduous shrub from Yakushima in Japan at least I hope that is what I am growing under this name!

However what ever it is I am growing it is certainly a Hydrangea and one that we should all be growing in our gardens.

It is deciduous and rarely grows more than 1 metre which makes it ideal in a tub though it doesn’t need one. Like most of its relatives it likes a cool moist aspect and unlike most of the others I grow it produces its tiny white lace cap flowers in late spring possibly one of the earliest species to flower.

The leaves are small and as an added bonus turn attractive colours before they shed in autumn.

I have young plants in 20cm. pots at the moment for $18.50 so don’t miss out.

Hydrangea scandens ssp

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