Hydrangea seemannii

How many self clinging evergreen cold hardy flowering climbers do you know? There aren’t that many but this Hydrangea has all of those features and is obviously something that we should all considering for our gardens, particularly as it will grow to the height of its support and more or less stop there.

If you have a fence you wish to cover or a skyscraper this could be the plant for you! It has attractive deep green leathery leaves and in early summer it produces lacecap heads of creamy white flowers on adult stems that stick out from the support.

I have plants available in 20cm. pots at $42.50 as well as lots of other evergreen and deciduous relatives if you need to hide lots of skyscrapers or paling fences!

Like most in the family a modicum of shade and an aspect where they don’t completely dry out is about all they will need. this particular species comes believe it or not from the cloud forests of Mexico so there is obviously  a lot more to this Genus than most people believe.Hydrangea seemanii

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