Hypericum uralum

Hypericum uralumThe Genus has a wide distribution and comes from a huge range of habitats so it is only to be expected that diverse forms have evolved from annuals to alpines, ground covers to moderately large shrubs. Some have become weedy and others are used in herbal medicine.  What is strange is that this Genus consists of plants that have a very similar flower shape so that when you can recognise one you are unlikely to misidentify any other species and they all have flowers as far as I know that are in shades of yellow!

My selection comes from Asia and is an elegant dainty arching evergreen shrub to about 1.5 metres tall with comparatively small yellow flowers that it produces pretty well throughout the warmer months.Being rarely offered in Australia (or anywhere else for that matter) appeals to the plant snob in me as well!

It seems to require little more than a moisture retentive soil (although it will be fairly drought tolerant once established) in sun or semi-shade and will make a very useful addition to the shrub border .

I have nice plants in 8″ pots for $29.50.

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