Impatiens omeiana

Those of you that don’t have a cool shaded and moist aspect may wish to stop reading now however this plant is worth some effort to grow well and really does well in a pot in a saucer of water in the shade so really we can all grow it even if we don’t have  a damp woodland to garden in.

If it is happy it will sucker into good sized colonies or fill that pot very quickly with its deep coloured stems topped with deep green leaves striped white, with a burgundy reverse. In fact its leaves are enough reason to grow this lovely plant so its apricot spurred flowers produced in autumn are almost over doing it ( but not quite!).

At little more than 20cms. tall but as wide as you let it be  it will entertain you from spring until the frosts send it to sleep so it more than pays its way and it is definitely for the “impatiens” gardener. I have good sized plants in 6″ pots at $18.50


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