Jubaea chilensis

The Chilean Wine Palm is endangered in the wild and rarely grown in Australia for sale. Understandably considering that the seed can take more than two years to germinate and the plants that I have at the nursery in 10″ pots are at least six years on from germination! I have done the hard work now it is up to you to plant some for posterity. Specimens supposedly supplied by Baron von Meuller are to be found in the Kyneton and Geelong Botanic gardens to name but two amazing examples. They are one of the most southerly  species of palm and as such is cold hardy. It will also cope well with drought. Its huge bottle shaped trunk is topped with an arching mass of grey-green fronds and a well established plant will always create comment. The seeds by the way are tiny coconuts and can be eaten in the same way if you live long enough for it to fruit. The picture is of one growing in the Parc National la Campana a little North of Santiago that I took last month. I don’t know when I’ll have more so don’t leave it too long to get your plant! They are $65.00.

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