Magnolia macrophylla

When big is definitely better this Magnolia must be the record holder in lots of different ways. It can grow to 20metres tall with soft green paddle like leaves to 90cms. long and huge white flowers stained with purple and strongly scented. It can take some years to bloom but it is definitely worth it and the foliage can keep you more than entertained until it does.

This tree is native to Southern parts of the U.S.A. and Mexico and was the first of the Genus described in about 1651 and was discovered by Francisco Hernandez who was court physician to Phillip ll of Spain.

If you wish to grow this amazing plant find a sheltered site to protect the huge leaves with a deep moisture retentive soil and you will have a tree in no time , when happy it can grow at a remarkable rate.

If you still want one I have plants in 10″ pots at $69.50Magnolia macrophylla

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