Matteuccia struthiopteris

If you can get beyond or even say the botanical name of the Shuttlecock Fern you are well on your way to being elected as the president of the local garden club!  It is however a fabulous herbaceous fern from the Northern Hemisphere rarely grown in Australia unfortunately.

Unlike evergreen ferns this plant goes through some dramatic changes in the year. In spring its 60cm. or so tall shuttlecocks erupt out of the ground and are an eye aching brilliant green. They turn mid green in summer and in autumn turn lovely russet tones before dying down. The plant suckers into elegant spreading drifts usually with enough space between the clusters to show off the form to perfection.

Like most ferns it likes moist soil and not too much direct sun shine to look its best and once you have bought one from me (at $18.50 for a 6″ pot) you will be able to divide your plant for more as needs be, keeping in mind that drifts look better than individuals so don’t get too greedy.

We don’t see enough hardy ferns grown here and they really don’t require that much water and anyhow what will you plant to show off those Hostas if not ferns?

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