Miscanthus ‘Giganteus’

Tis the season to jolly fa la la la la la. If you want a different festive look for your garden you need to start early. First buy a plant of this impressive ornamental grass and let it rip. When it becomes dormant in winter instead of cutting down its 3metre stems just remove all the foliage and leave the canes standing then buy some cans of bright red spray paint and let yourself go. I can sell you a plant now in a 6″ pot for $18.50 and by next winter it will be ready to paint and if you like it could be blue or yellow or even black for the Goths amongst you!  Once painted it should be called Miscanthus giganteus ‘Duluxii’ and if it is red obviously it would be variety ‘Rubra’. As the warm weather comes on the new stems will erupt from the ground softening the look but right up until you do it all again you will see some off your painted stems. Trick your friends and hopefully your horticulturally savvy ones particularly, or give them a plant of their own for Christmas with a can of paint and let them create their own for next year.By the way the idea was mine so please respect my intellectual property rights with a proper disclosure! Culturally it likes a sunny aspect with a good level of moisture to get it up to its tallest, dead easy really!

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