Montanoa leucantha var. arborescens

If you like plants that virtually erupt out of the ground then the Mexican tree daisies could be the plant for you! They grow in much the same way as tree Dahlias putting on metres of growth from ground level in a season so as to be as much as 4metres or more by flowering time in winter.

The leaves are spear head shaped and the large clusters of flowers are pure white with a yellow eye in the usual daisy way and are nicely scented. I have tried several species of this genus and so far this is the only one that will come back after the frosts we get here that get down to about minus 4 or 5 celsius. I will still try others if I can get them as they are a wonderful group of plants.

I have young plants in 20cm. pots at $19.50 so why not have one in your garden to hide your summer trysts from the m next door!Montanoa leucantha arborescens

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