Narcissus ‘Ben’Bler’

I am part way through potting all my small bulbs for the year and for the first time I have a small amount of this stunning Hoop petticoat daffodil for sale. It was bred by Rod Barwick in Tasmania and it is a stunner. The flowers are huge compared to most in this group and yet can’t be called gross. It produces its flowers in high spring and they are in abundance once the plant settles and it is also a good doer bulking up well.

This cheery little plant was quite pricy when it first hit the market as these thing usually are, rightly as the breeder certainly deserves some recompense. I have only a few this year at $10 a bulb in a tube so I guess it will be first in best dressed! By the way for those of you that struggle to flower this style of Narcissus this one seems very reliable but like its compatriots keep it dry in the summer.Narcissus 'Ben Blur'

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