Neillia thibetica

This deciduous Asian shrub isn’t used anywhere near enough in gardens and anyone who has a copy of my now out of print first book “Exceptional Plants” can look it up and find out everything about it. For those of you silly enough not to have bought this important book I had best give you the main details! It grows to about 2metres with arching elegant canes. The leaves are a fresh green, Heavily veined and turn a cheery yellow in autumn. In very late spring into early summer once the spring nonsense is over it produces arching spikes of rich pink flowers that last well. In winter the bare canes are an attractive coppery colour. What more could you want? It is also fairly hardy liking a semi-shade to sunny site in a well drained and not too dry site and like most things the better the soil the better it will do. I have well grown plants in 6″ pots at $18.50. Plant it and I’m sure that you will feel that you are Neillia on a winner! Sorry for the bad pun, I couldn’t help it!

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