Oemleria cerasiformis

This attractive shrub has never found itself in the limelight here in Australia and in my humble opinion unfairly so. It is hardy, coping with sun and cold well and not fussy about soil types. Its habit is upright to about 3metres and it will make a suckering clump which makes it ideal as a background shrub or in a narrow bed where height is required.

It is the first deciduous plant in my garden to break into leaf and these are a bright green turning pale yellow in autumn and smell of cucumber when crushed. The tiny pixie cap shaped flowers are in drooping spikes and come out in late winter or early spring with the first flush of leaves and although they are hardly showy they are exceedingly elegant and perfumed to boot. The scent is unusual and to my nose smells of coconut.I feel a cocktail coming on. By the way the bark has been used as a mild laxative as well!!!!

Although black berries (known as Oso berries or Indian Plums) will form on female plants if both sexes are near by I only have a lonely male mine doesn’t form fruit unfortunately, as these are edible  (if you have a girl for my bachelor I would love one!)but I am happy with what I do get from this tough but dainty plant.

I have well grown boys in 8″ pots for $29.50.Oemleria cerasiformis

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