Otatea acuminata

This has to be one of the worlds most beautiful bamboos, at least in my humble opinion! and what a good doer it is.

It is a clumping species although the clump can get quite wide and the arching stems can grow to 3metres long or more. the leaves are very fine and the whole effect  is like great big green fox tails.

This has to be about the most drought tolerant of bamboos once established and will grow well in full sun or partial shade. I find it reasonably cold tolerant for me at Macedon and the literature suggests that it will go down to -7c. so it will apparently cope with more than I can throw at it. My specimen in my home garden elegantly hangs over my large pond and always creates conversation.

It is hard to get and slow to propagate as well as to establish for sale and I have well grown plants in 8″ pots for $150. It’s worth every cent!Otatea acuminata

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