Oxalis furcillata

No not all Oxalis are weeds and that is only to be expected from a Genus of over 800 species and I have a passion for them and have so far over 25 different species and forms mainly from South Africa and a few from South America in the collection. Most of my South African species are winter growing, summer dormant and are dead easy in a pot or sunny rock garden and almost the full range are available during the winter months. Most require little more than a sunny well drained site and an owner who isn’t scared of them! Oxalis furcillata will grow to 8cms. tall and has white flowers in late winter externally spotted purple. It will make good clumps without undue spread and like almost all the species I grow I sell them in 3″ tubes at $6.50.   Another great species is O. palmifrons with its grey palm like leaves and white flowers in early winter. This one almost hugs the ground and does spread a bit but is so low it can’t smother anything so is forgiven.Finally one of my favorites is the brilliant orange O. massoniana that flowers in late autumn. So get to it and get some lovely Oxalis

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