Oxalis melanosticta

I love the autumn because the winter growing Oxalis suddenly start to erupt out of the ground and yes I know that includes the weedy ones but with so many species in the Genus (some hundreds apparently) they can’t all be weeds obviously.

One of the early ones is this lovely yellow flowered African species with its silvery furry leaves which are more than enough to have you grow it. Whenever there is a dew or light rain the moisture sits like mercury on the leaves and looks magical. This species will spread a bit and make mats of foliage close to ground level making it ideal under deciduous shrubs or even between pavers for autumn winter interest. If you still aren’t convinced it is safe then by all means keep it in a shallow terracotta pot to decorate the outdoor table for the winter.

All it needs is a sunny aspect and to be kept reasonably dry throughout the summer. I have tubes available at the moment for $7.50DSC_0720

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