Pachyphragma macrophyllum

This woodland perennial has become one of my favourites. In late winter and spring its newly erupting leaves surround the clusters of pristine white flowers and as it builds into sizable drifts via self-seeding it is very telling in the deciduous tree shade afforded it in my garden. The rounded wrinkly foliage gets larger during the summer making it an effective ground cover that seems to smother most weed species however bulbs seem to come through perfectly well. It will grow in fairly heavy shade but doesn’t like to get dead dry in summer so a little irrigating may be needed.

This refined looking plant hardly looks like its relative the cabbage  at a casual glance (although I have some difficulty in telling it from its even closer relative, the Wasabi!). It is certainly a Turkish native well worth introducing into your garden. I have 6″ pots for sale at $18.50 so start a drift today.

Pachyphragma macrophyllum

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