Parthenocissus henryana

This climbing relative of the humble grape vine has it all in my humble opinion so why haven’t you planted it yet? Its summer foliage is a rich green with a burgundy reverse (you always see the back through the window so it is important). If it is growing in semi to full shade the central veins of the leaflets is silvery from spring to autumn. In full sun the silver veins disappear but it grows just as well. It autumn the foliage goes scarlet even in shade and the white veins (only in shade) stay white. Very few plants will colour well at all in the shade.

As if that wasn’t enough it is self-clinging (lightly) so little support is needed and it does one of the most useful things any climber can do and few in fact do, it dangles making it an elegant addition to any wall, pergola or far sized shrub or tree that could do with a bit of a lift. I have even used it to great advantage as a ground cover over bulbs.

It never becomes unruly and is easy to prune if needs be and I have large plants in 7″ pots for $28.50Parthenocissus henryana

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