Pileostegia viburnoides

The name may not be familiar but it is a plant of great merit in the garden. It is evergreen with long leathery leaves. It is a self clinging climber that can grow to the top of almost any support and then stop. It has honey scented heads of fluffy flowers in summer and it likes a cool morning sun or permanently shaded aspect.Probably the only reason it isn’t considered a Hydrangea is that it doesn’t have bracted sterile flowers, the way things are going it will probably end up being one as there are non bracted shrubby Hydrangeas!

I imported this lovely thing from Christopher Lloyds nursery at Great Dixter in England some years ago and thought that it was about time I promoted it! After all there aren’t very many self clinging flowering climbers to be had so this one adds to a very limited pool. I might add if it has no where to climb it can make a great ground cover like all the climbing Hydrangea relatives can.

Can take a while to catch hold of its support and get going but it is certainly worth it. I have plants in 8″ pots at $42.50Pileostegia viburnoides

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