Dysosma pleianthum

This handsome perennial comes from the cool forests of central and south eastern China and is a great addition to a shaded aspect in the garden or as aPodophyllum hexandrum tub specimen. It is mainly about leaves which come up in spring and can still be telling in the autumn. They are huge plate like affairs that are a glossy bright green and those of a well grown mature specimen can be up to 30cms. or so across on stems as tall.

The flowers are strange drooping maroon bells that hide under the foliage but are well worth hunting for. Although it likes a moist soil and hates to be really wet, I find it surprisingly drought hardy in the right aspect so see no reason why we can’t all enjoy this and any of the other species in the Genus.

I have plants of this as well as D. ‘Spotty Dotty’ in 25cm. pots at $28.50

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