• Polylepis pauta

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    The evergreen small tree is native to the Andes mountains and is the highest altitude woody plant in the world! It is also in the Rosaceae family and its leaves look remarkably like large glossy versions of our native burr Acaena.

    It will eventually grow into a small knarled specimen 4 or 5metres tall and produce spikes of tiny flowers. It is however for its bark that it is notable. It becomes shaggy and a rich deep mahogany colour.  I have seen it growing in the wild by alpine lakes and looking truly stunning so lets hope that we can do it justice in gardens. I have no idea of its tolerances with regards to heat and dry but suspect it dislikes both. However don’t let that stop you, at $42.50 in 15cm.pots t could be worth a go. I also think it could be a great tub specimen and even perhaps a bonsai which could be a world first.

    Polylepis pauta

    Polylepis pauta


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