Puya alpestris

This Genus of cold hardy plants in the pineapple family  from South America are plants that I have become attached to, in more ways than one! They are tough as guts drought tolerant bold foliage plants ideal in tubs or a centre piece for a rock garden that will let you put your hand in but due to the recurved thorns won’t give it back without drawing blood! So it is ideal to stop children cutting corners or to make sure that home invader can’t escape!

After it has been in the ground for a few years it will have built up a sizable colony of spiny rosettes and then will send up a 1.5metre spike of the most incredibly brilliant waxy blue flowers that you have ever seen, more than enough reason to send out invites to other gardeners to attend an opening party!

I have some lovely specimens at the moment in 10″pots for $32.50.


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