• Rubus lineatus

    Posted on August 17, 2017 by in Collector Plants, evergreen, Foliage plants, Good Pot Plant, shade tolerant, Shrubs, winter interest

    This blackberry relative from Asia must have one of the most beautiful leaves imaginable! The five leaflets are all pleated in a texturally stunning way and even this doesn’t prepare you for the silvery reverse.

    It is a suckering evergreen shrub to 2.5metres tall that likes a moist soil and some shade from the hottest sun and if happy you may need to take a hand in controlling it! Although I like the idea of a great drift in the garden.

    Remove the oldest stems yearly to keep it young and vigorous and wait for the questions from unknowing friends.

    I have young stock in 15cm. pots at $22.50DSC_0386

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