Rubus lineatus

This has to be one of the best foliage plants that I grow. It is a Raspberry (or Blackberries) relative which makes suckering clumps of bamboo like stems up to 3metres tall. Its compound palmate leaves are beautifully pleated with a silvery reverse and evergreen. It likes moist semi-shade and can make large colonies if not controlled so I guess it isn’t for everyone but I wouldn’t be without it. Remove last years canes as this years get going to keep it young and vigorous looking. It is a shame that its habits and relatives will probably go against it in the minds of many but I love plants with a zest for life and often prefer to control a vigorous plant than to molly coddle a weakling. If you are still not convinced it could be pot grown. I have plants in 8″ pots at $22.50

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