Rubus thibetanus

The ghost bramble isn’t for every gardener but quite a few plants I grow would fit under the same title. After all not every body wants a prickly suckering shrub but having said that how many of your have a Rugosa Rose?

This plant will make a cluster of arching stems to about 1.5metres tall with upward pointing prickles . During the summer it has small pink flowers and grey green leaves that are both attractive but it comes into its own when winter comes and its white stems make a very telling impact in the garden.

Just remember to prune out all the older canes every year and don’t allow the tips to hit the ground and you will end up with a truly great winter interest plant in any semi-shade to full sun aspect in soil that isn’t allowed to dry out too much.

I have plants in 7″ pots for $22.50Rubus cockburnianus

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