Rumex sanguineus

Red Veined Dock does’t sound too good but it is a great plant in so many ways. Yes it is a Dock weed but its stunning bright green leaves with a network of blood red veins makes it a foliage plant with great presence in any garden. The leaves can be blanched and added to salads or used like spinach, this does however detract from its ornament value in the garden somewhat! I’m more than happy to plant real spinach for the kitchen however if times get tough!  It will grow to about 35cms. tall before it goes to flower and seed and this event will show its family characteristics to all. If you don’t want more simple shave it off at ground level before it sets seed and up it will come again with more stunning leaves. A sunny to semi-shaded site in moist soil is all it will need to flourish as befits a classy weed relative. I have 6″ pots for $16.50 at the moment so come have a look and have your mind changed about the Dock Genus.

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