Ruscus aculeatus Hermaphrodite form

As much as it might be a bit indelicate to talk of sex there isn’t any choice when talking of the butcher’s brooms. Usually both male and female forms need to be present if the girl one are to get the stunning long lasting berries stuck in the middle of the leaf like phyllodes. So even if both are present only those of the feminine persuasion will be forth coming.

Many years ago I got seed of a hermaphrodite form from my friend Christopher Lloyd’s well known garden “Great Dixter” and now after more years than I like to admit to I have young plants to sell in 6″ pots for $22.50.

This form only seems to grow to about 30cms tall and like the rest of its relatives even those without gender issues it will grow in the darkest, driest shade you can find and lighten it up with pea sized berries almost all year round.Ruscus aculeatus hermaphrodite form


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