Ruscus hypoglossum

Ruscus hypoglossumThis has to be the ultimate plant for dry shade, in fact it will grow in the driest and darkest shade you can find so anywhere that almost no other plant will survive will be ideal for this one!

It is in fact an evergreen perennial to about 1metre tall that acts more like a shrub except that you can divide it. What passes for foliage are actually flattened leaf stems and its major claim to fame is that its tiny green and purple flowers sit in the middle of what look like leaves looking for all the world like a swarm of tiny insects! It will intrigue children of all ages!

It is the plant that laurel crowns were made of so Caesar would have worn one (you could too!) and the stems are great for picking, lasting for weeks in water.

I have well grown specimens in 8″ pots at the moment for $26.50.Ruscus hypoglossum hedge

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