Salix cuprea ‘Pendula’

It is a shame that the Australian weed assessment people decided to ban almost the whole willow Genus instead of doing the assessments one at a time as many benign species are now banned. Was it expediency or worse “the more you ban the more important your job is seen to be!”

One willow that has been allowed although I’m not quite sure why is the weeping Goat Willow and it certainly makes a fascinating umbrella shaped specimen in the garden.

It is usually grafted onto a 2metre or more standard and then it heads earthward making it a wonderful hiding place for children of all ages!

The catkins are formed in late winter and are grey green, these are followed by grey green leaves that turn soft yellow in autumn. But in winter as the tree puts on a bit of age its bare knotted branches make it a great conversation piece.

All it needs is a sunny spot and some moisture. Although it will grow in wet soggy clay this isn’t a prerequisite so almost any where will do.

I have well grown specimens for $95 in 14″ pots.Salix caprea 'Pendula' Salix cuprea 'Pendula'

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