Sambucus nigra canadensis ‘Maxima’

Apparently the name of this plant at least for now. I brought it in to Australia without the nigra bit in its name. What ever you call it it is a great hardy suckering deciduous shrub to 3metres with heads of tiny white scented flowers in late spring and early summer that can be over 30cms across! these can then be followed by black berries. I love this Genus so much that I hold the registered national collection and have about 20 different species and clones. They are all tough with flowers that can be turned into cordial or Champagne. If you don’t pick all the flowers the berries can be turned into jams and wine. The stems can be used to make pan pipes and the plant is supposed to keep away witches! So if people stop accepting invitations to your place you’ll know why!!!

Others I have include S.n.’Laciniata’ with cut green leaves, S.n. Black Beauty’ With purple leaves, S.n.’Linearis’ with leaves reduced to almost veins, S.n.’Black Lace’ with its pink flowers and finely cut black leaves, S.n.’Castledean’ with green leaves attached to black petioles, S.n.’Pulverulenta’ With leaves mottles white and S.n. ‘Pyramidalis’ with crinkled leaves and a narrow upright habit to name but a few I can supply. Most are in 8″ pots and sell from $22.00 up depending on rarity. Come look at the collection next time my garden ‘Tugurium’ at Macedon is open and have a look at my national Acanthus collection as well.


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