• Sambucus nigra ‘Linearis’

    Posted on July 17, 2014 by in Collector Plants, Deciduous, drought tolerant, Edible, Foliage plants, scented, Shrubs

    If you hanker after a cut leafed Japanese maple but can’t have one due to climatic constraints then perhaps this is the plant for you. It is a hardy deciduous shrub to 1.5metres tall and wide with foliage so fine that from a distance it looks like green smoke! and it has clusters of tiny white flowers to boot!

    Prune out some of the older stems periodically and that is about all you will need to do to keep it in good order, as as the holder of the national collection of Sambucus for Plant Trust (GPCAA) obviously I’m keen to encourage more people to grow these under utilised plants. After all how many plants do you have that you can make cordials and Champagnes and fritters from the flowers, jams and wine from the berries, Pan Pipes from the stems and will also repel witches!

    I have plants from my original importation available in 6″ pots for $18.50Sambucus nigra 'Linearis'

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