Schizophragma integrifolium var. fauriei

The self clinging climbers in the Hydrangea family are unique and indispensable as garden plants. What other self clinging shade tolerant showily flowering climbers that are cold tolerant are there? If you know of any let me know as I’ll won’t to grow them as well.

The Genus Schizophragma only differes from true Hydrangeas in that the sterile bracted flowers have only one bract instead of four and some authorities are considering sinking it into Hydrangea so who knows what will happen.

This variety which could also be straight S. fauriei comes from Taiwan and is very like the mainland S. integrifolium. It has large felty leaves and after a few years of growth will produce very large white lacecap flower heads in early summer, these can be up to 30cms. across or more. It is worth the wait as the foliage is enough to be going on with.

It likes moist soil and a cool aspect although it will cope quite well with early morning or very late afternoon sun and will steadily grow to the top of any support it is offered, possibly up a skyscraper give enough time! If the support is a low wall it will happily stay with in bounds there as well. A tree stump would also be a good support. I have this plus several other climbing Hydrangeas and their relatives for sale this year in 8″ pots for $48.50Schizophragma  integrifolium

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