Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Pendulum’

This has to be about the wierdest tree in the world so those of a timid disposition should avoid it! The leaders usually head in a generally upward direction with the side branches cascading down making it potentially the worlds tallest  but narrowest tree. The one in Bobnant Gardens in Wales was at some time measured at 108ft. tall! Here in Australia the Cockatoos tend to nip the top out so that it produces new leaders from laterals so that the shape can be truly bizarre to say the least. Plant your own land mark! I can just hear it now “you’ll know the place when you see it due to the daft looking tree”. It is easy to grow in a sunny well drained site and is comparitively drought tolerant once established and I have large plants in 14″pots for $175.00 at the moment so don’t miss out if you want to plant your own Ent!

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