Serapias lingua

Serapias linguaI don’t grow a lot of orchids as they usually need specific conditions to perform well and I just don’t have time to fiddle unfortunately. However some ground Orchids and this one in particular are easy plants ideal in pots or in a sunny rock garden where they can be allowed to dry out in summer.

This species from the Mediterranean is an easy plant with subtle flowers in shades of plum and parchment that I have grown for years and only seem to need to protect it from marauding slugs and snails. It gets to about 30cms. tall and I was lucky enough to see Serapias flowering in Crete when I was there in 2013, funnily enough growing in a pile of stuff graded off onto the side of the road, so it must be easy!

I have just potted this years stock with 3 to 4 bulbs per pot at $10, a bargain!

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