Setaria palmifolia

Grasses have become something of a fashion statement in gardening around the world and rightly so as no other group of plants can give the textural look one can get from  grasses (although I have to say when seen with other strappy leafed plants in many modern gardens to the exclusion of all else it can be a bit tedious, I in fact call it Monocot Monotony!)

Setaria or palm grass as it is commonly known is an extremely bold foliage plant, unlike most grasses, with broad rich green pleated leaves. It only gives away the fact that it is indeed a grass when it produces its flower heads that couldn’t belong to any other type of plant.

It grows to about 1metre tall and can arch over to be considerably wider. The leaves make a bold statement and it will grow well in dryish shade making it a particularly useful plant.

In my cold climate it is slightly frost tender but manages to come back strongly each spring, however in more tropical climes it could in fact become weedy so beware.

It can be grown by division done in early spring or from seed when ripe and I always get a few self sown ones in my garden that can be left if well placed or lifted and shifted if needs be. I have plants for $18.50 in 6″ pots.setaria palmifolia

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