Staphylea holocarpa

Staphylea holicarpaThis deciduous Chinese shrub or small tree is rarely met with in horticulture here and although it isn’t likely to set the world on fire it is a pretty and interesting addition to any garden. It produces drooping spikes of whitish flowers in spring followed by entertaining papery seed pods that give the Genus the common name of Bladder Nuts, which always raises an eye brow! These pods tend to stick around well into the winter.

The foliage is slightly grey green and compound usually with five leaflets, pleasant if not exciting and it turns soft yellow in autumn.

It will grow to about 4metres tall and requires little more than a sunny to semi-shaded aspect in a not completely dry soil.I have nice young seedling raised plants in 6″ pots for $18.50 and I would be surprised if any one else in Australia has any to sell so what a bargain!

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