• Symphoricarpos albus

    Posted on October 24, 2012 by in Collector Plants, Deciduous, drought tolerant, Shrubs

    The Snow berry from North America is a tough as guts deciduous shrub to about a metre and a half with rounded leaves and clusters of stunning white berries in late summer and autumn. It does tend to sucker fairly strongly so allow it room or be prepared to extract those that wander too far. The flowers are a non event but the berries will create comment from all of those that see it for the first time. I love to use the stems in a vase for a long lasting decorative effect. It will grow in fairly heavy shade through to sun and isn’t fussy about soil types. Likes moisture but will cope with dry once established. Rarely seen for sale these days and asked for even less. It is a shame that such good plants aren’t being used as they should be. I have 8″ pots for sale at $22.50.

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