Syringa meyeri ‘Palibin’

I have a love hate relationship with Lilacs I love the flowers but in general hate the bush. They are one week wonders and scruffy for most of the time. Sorry if I have offended anyone! What I would like is to have friends with lots of well established bushes that would kindly give me vast bunches of cut Lilac when it is in bloom so that I can festoon my house with the sumptuous smelly glory of them in spring!

In the mean time I will keep planting some of the more interesting species that do pay for their space and I have to say that the dwarf Korean Lilac does.

It may not have the flower power of the hybrid forms but it takes up far less space as it rarely exceeds 1.5metres and when its tiny heads of scented mauve flowers are gone its pleasant rounded leaves are a plus and it even tries to colour in the autumn.Like its larger relatives it requires little more than a sunny well drained site to give of its best so what is holding you back.Syringa meyeri 'Palabin'

I have young plants in 6″ pots at $18.50


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