Trachystemon orientalis

If you are sick of Hostas eaten by snails or burnt to crisp,or the gap they leave for such a long time throughout winter but still want big gutsy leaves then Russian Borage could be just the thing.

It has spikes of rich blue flowers in late winter  as the leaves unfold which are a feature in themselves and then the bristly leaves take over making a great weed suppressing mats. If the leaves are ruined for whatever reason (perhaps 45c!) then cut it to the ground and water it, within weeks it will be up and running.

Clumps will soon cover areas up to a metre and can easily be divided to cover more ground or to share around. All it requires is a spot in light constant shade and a bit of moisture and away it will go. In very cool moist aspects it will self  a bit. I have well grown plants in 6″ pots at $16.50.Trachystemon orientalis

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